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Reviews & recommendations

I have to say thank to Dr Claudia. She helped me to understand how to eat properly and what my body is able to tolerate. In only one month I have lost 4,5kg, without starving. I eat much more now than before starting this journey with her. She is really professional and listens to you. 

K. 38-year-old female

Claudia capisce il tuo bisogno, non è restrittiva e ti accompagna aiutandoti a raggiungere il tuo obiettivo.

A. 55-year-old female

Claudia is a very experienced doctor in nutrition and her bespoke approach to my body type and my lifestyle is impressive! surprisingly I am losing weight eating more than before!

V. 38-year-old female

Dr Claudia Gravaghi is a wonderful doctor with an unconventional approach to nutrition and diets. She helped me understand what foods my body can tolerate and gave me a few guidelines to follow in order to manage a digestion problem I’ve been struggling with for 5 years. The meal plans are generic and easy to follow, with a lot of info on nutritional values of each food and a few examples of healthy plates and food combinations. I really like this approach because I don’t have to avoid any type of food and it helped me to lose weight almost without effort.

P. 40-year-old male


Doctor Claudia is a brilliant nutritionist! She is able to make me feel really comfortable and I have lost 5 kg in just a month!

S. 55-year-old female

I went to Dr Gravaghi for losing weight, after quitting smoking. She guided me through the possible chances and personalized my diet to reach my goals. Her plan is working really good for me. She is very accurate and professional. I would definitively recommend her. T. 47-year-old female

I am really pleased about the diet that Dr Claudia prescribed to me. After a month I can already feel de benefits. I’ve lost 5kg and I feel good and energetic. Dr Claudia is really knowledgeable and always ready to give you the right advice. I would definitely recommend her.

R. 26-year-old female



Saw results quite quickly, certain symptoms have improved other symptoms which are more difficult to treat we are currently in the process of dealing with them, Claudia is very proactive and helpful, always available to answer any questions which I have.

A. 36-year-old male


Doctor Gravaghi has been the only dietitian who has managed to fully understand my issues and provide concrete help. Since seeing her for the first time in April I am down 8kg and I've never felt better. She does not only care about weight but she tailored my plan to my health condition, making sure my energy levels are back to normal and my mental health is in the right path. I could honestly not recommend her enough! Thanks for all you've done for me! 

A. 37-year-old female


Dr Claudia Gravaghi's advice and support have been invaluable. After gaining considerable weight during my pregnancy, I lost all of my weight in a very healthy manner within 6 months and feel myself again. I couldn't have done this without Dr Gravaghi's guidance and expertise. 

C. 31-year-old female


I went to Dr Claudia Gravaghi for losing weight. In a short period of time, I managed to lose a few kgs thanks to her personalised diet and her professional opinion which helped me to reach my goal. She is professional, accurate, friendly and kind. She always encouraged me and listened to my needs regarding the food. She was able to point me in the right direction for my health and she is always available even out of work through emails. I really recommend as a health specialist. Thank you Dr. Gravaghi!

F. 34-year-old female


I have been totally satisfied with the excellent advice, nutrition plan and professionalism of Dr Claudia Gravaghi. I have learnt an enormous amount from my appointments with her. I have changed my diet and in a few weeks not only lost a stone but feel so much healthier and happier with myself. I have never previously been able to stick to any dietary advice. I am extremely happy with the menus in my nutrition plan as they are enjoyable and have not limited my own interest in eating a wide range of food. On a personal level, Claudia is very easy to talk to and to be honest with. She is not judgmental, nor do I feel that I am asking foolish questions that I should know the answer to as a 62-year-old lecturer. She is very patient and calm, giving considered and honest responses to each of my questions. I can highly recommend Dr Claudia Gravaghi to everyone but especially to anyone who is slightly septically about the benefits of having a consultation with a nutritionist. She is highly qualified but knows how to communicate her knowledge in lay man's terms and is easy to talk to.

D. 62-year-old female


I have contacted Dr Gravaghi after my mum had a colon cancer surgery. After the operation, the hospital gave her a very restricted diet, as a consequence, she lost weight and felt very weak. During the first consultation, Dr Gravaghi gave introduced to her a lot of food suggestions, but especially, she gave her confidence to reintroduce some foods she was scared to try. She is now eating normally and enjoying her food. 

C. 75-year-old female


I went to see dr. Gravaghi because I wanted to lose some weight after my first pregnancy. She is very knowledgable and really took her time to listen to my concerns. She not only improved my day-to-day eating habits considering my cravings and likes and dislikes but also made me understand more about nutrition, health and wellbeing. She put together a tailored eating plan for me which was very easy to follow and not restrictive. I enjoyed all the foods she suggested in the plan and ended up losing 5 kg. I wholeheartedly recommend her. 

M. 31-year-old female


It’s a life-changing experience. Claudia is very well experienced and I definitely recommend to see her if you want to fix your problems. Thank you very much for all your help! I always will be grateful what you have done for me!

P. 38-year-old male


Claudia is a lovely person and a great nutritionist. She has been supportive and helpful and doesn't make me feel bad or guilty when I have my failures. She did a wonderful job at identifying areas to improve in my day-to-day diet considering my cravings, my likes and dislikes, restrictions etc.. Her counselling has brought a positive change in my life: I feel and look better and I'm really enjoying my new diet as well! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a nutritionist! G.M. working in finance


I have been struggling with lost weight for quite some time, trying to recuperate it on my own unsuccessfully. I was getting weaker and weaker and my health was deteriorating creating further complications. Claudia has been working ceaseless, encouraging me continuously, given me the hope that I would get through this. She is a good listener, an unusual gift on a professional, available at any time if I need reassurance or advice. Because of Claudia's experience and her research background, I felt confident that I would have long-term health benefits under her care. I really appreciated her wisdom, understanding, and enthusiasm.

R Muñoz 73-year-old female


Claudia is a great nutritionist with an outstanding academic background. She really listens and understands her patients' issues and always tries to find a practical solution that suits her patients' lifestyle. I have learned so much in terms of "good" foods thanks to Claudia's advice. Before meeting with Claudia I was constantly eating food displayed and sold as "healthy" which turned out to be really high in sugar and full of fat. Last but not least, thanks to Claudia I finally learned how to manage my sugar cravings moments which have always been my biggest challenge.

KK 38-year-old female



I went to see Dr Gravaghi after my gastric bypass. With my surprise after the surgery, they prescribed me a diet rich in white carbs with no fibre at all. Dr Gravaghi gently changed the nutrition program introducing pulses, vegetables, and fruits gradually. She supported me through the recovery and I lost 40 kgs in 9 months. She has been there for me all the times. Thank you 

MM 58-year-old female


In my endless years of dieting, I couldn’t be happier to have finally found Claudia. Her uniqueness is firstly in an impressive, deep knowledge, one that she is also able to translate easily to me as her patient so that I can understand the mechanisms behind her suggestions and is creative in proposing solutions. Secondly, she had an amazing customized solution to my roadblocks or, importantly, to my hectic social and work life. Not to mention her availability: Claudia will make you feel like you have a real coach helping you towards your goal. She is incredibly responsive, always a text message away with practical answers to your questions and easy to find product ideas. In essence, she is not only helping me to feel and look better. She is teaching me how to love food again, and to no longer feeling guilty about eating - and her delicious yet easy recipes make it all the more fun. Thank Claudia, you are the best!

Giorgia 37-year-old female


Since I can remember I had a problem with resisting sugar in any forms. 10 years ago, when I came to London it became an even bigger problem and very quickly I put on weight and struggled to lose it. I tried many diets with no luck. When I met Claudia it changed my life significantly. She is the warmest person that immediately makes you feel very comfortable, so my nutritional consultation with her was very easy. Claudia really understood where my problem was and pointed out a few issues that I didn't realize I had. She put together a nutritional plan for me and straight away I could see great results. In just one week my energy levels went up and within two weeks I lost 3kg. I keep my diet and gradually improve my health. Whenever I'm in doubt I can contact Claudia and I know that she will always give me the best advice. I highly recommend Claudia to anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way or improve health in general. Thank you, Claudia!

A. 34-year-old female



I went to see Claudia for weight loss. ​ She immediately understood my personality - I'm the black & white type of guy - and helped me to break this pattern with helpful food choices customized for my hectic lifestyle. I lost 15 Kg in 8 months, but most of all I broke through the dangerous habit of all or nothing. ​ Thank you, Claudia

N.M.46-year-old male

Dr. Claudia Gravaghi is a  Nutritionist | Intuitive  weight loss | Nutrizionista in London

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