A new & unique science-based approach to nutrition

 Dr. Claudia Gravaghi*

Dr. Claudia Gravaghi  believes in  a personalized nutritional program by matching the right diet plan to each individual. 


Being a pharmacist, a nutritionist, and a scientist, Dr Claudia Gravaghi  investigates the underlying causes of ailments and treat them with a combination of medications, supplements, and herbs. 


Dr Claudia Gravaghi firmly believes in assisting people with health ailments by providing evidence-based nutrition support. 

Treatment Specialties

Digestive wellness Food sensitivities

Ketogenic Diet


Autoimmune diseases

Intuitive Eating

Diabetes | Metabolic syndrome

Adrenal and thyroid disorders

The counseling process includes regular sessions and online support. 

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I like the idea of empowering my patients to a greater awareness of how to nourish and respect their body.