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Question I feel bloated all the time after lunch, I don’t understand if I’m sensitive to specific food. Should I take an allergy test?


Before taking an allergy test, I strongly recommend you to try an elimination diet for 2-3 weeks by avoiding gluten, wheat, and dairy products. I also advise you to keep a food diary with you all the time. If the symptoms persist after the elimination period, an allergy test could be helpful.


I feel tired all the time even if I sleep 7-8 hours for night. I wonder If I suffer from chronic fatigue? My blood tests are fine and I’m not anemic.


Claudia - First of all is important to evaluate your lifestyle and your diet to see if they play a big role in your symptoms. A saliva cortisol test could be very helpful to understand adrenals are involved.



Just recently I came up with a red and itchy skin rash on the back of my hands. I’m prone to dry skin and eczema but I’m not able to understand what’s the trigger?


Claudia - People with dry skin are sometimes more prone to develop skin reactions as a reaction to some food allergens.  Once you exclude the possibility of a topic allergens such as face or body creams or house cleaning products  It is important to evaluate your digestion and your lifestyle. Undigested food can be attacked by your immune system and creates skin reactions.