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Emotional Eating counseling
Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating Counseling

 "Emotional eating counseling" or "food therapy," is a form of counseling or therapy that focuses on helping individuals develop a healthier and more balanced relationship with food. It's designed to address the emotional, psychological, and behavioral aspects of eating, rather than just focusing on nutrition and dietary guidelines. 


Assessment: Dr Claudia Gravaghi will gather information about your relationship with food: eating habits, emotional triggers, and history with food and any underlying issues that may be contributing to emotional eating.


Identifying Triggers: Triggers can be stress, boredom, sadness, anxiety, or any other emotion. Understanding these triggers is crucial for addressing the root causes of emotional eating and sustaining your new eating habits even when no goals are involved.


Emotional Awareness: learn to distinguish between physical hunger and emotional hunger and develop strategies for coping with difficult emotions without turning to food.


Mindful Eating: paying full attention to the eating experience can help clients recognize when they are full, connect with their body and make conscious choices about what they eat, leading to more balanced and enjoyable meals.


“Unconditional positive regards”: Clients learn to be kinder to themselves, understand that it's okay to have imperfections and reduce self-criticism.


Goal Setting: Setting achievable goals is an important part of the process. These goals can be specific, such as reducing the frequency of emotional eating episodes or incorporating healthier foods into one's diet.


Behavior Modification: We'll modify eating behaviors, patterns, or unhealthy perceptions of healthy eating.

"Over time, the strategies and insights gained through counseling are integrated into daily life, helping you maintain a healthier and sustainable relationship with food."

Dr Claudia Gravaghi - Nutritionist, London & Milano

Dr. Claudia Gravaghi tailors her approach according to each client. Her profound understanding of this subject is derived not solely from her academic studies in Nutrition but also from her attendance at the I.P.S.O. Counselor School, which seamlessly integrates the teachings of renowned figures such as Carl Rogers and Alexander Lowen.

Emotional Eating counseling

Treating ​Emotional & Stress Related Eating 
for the whole family

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