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The best mental attitudes to consistently lose weight?

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Enjoy eating healthy by trusting your gut feeling

Before the initial session with me, I always advise my clients to book a free 15-minute phone call. During the call, I suggest that they use the time wisely to understand if I can truly help them and if my approach is right for them. One of the most frequent opening sentences of these calls is "I have been on a diet all my life, and now I want to learn to eat healthily and maintain a balanced diet forever, can you help me? ".

My answer is usually "yes of course" you come to the right place, and after a little pause I say ... but. There is always a but :) "But keep in mind that 80% of the work to be done, after receiving a balanced and effective nutritional plan, is your mental attitude towards your body and your relationship to food"


After my terrifying replies, I normally reassure my future clients that like everything in life when you try so hard to reach a goal, it is a journey, and you kind of have to enjoy the bumpy ride. I also add that the process itself is much simpler than it looks, especially if you have the right mental attitude. So in short, what are the best mental attitudes to reach the goal weight.

Think thin

This doesn't mean you need to stop thinking, but rather that instead of thinking too much about stubborn extra pounds, you act as if you've already lost them.

This has a big impact on how you view your diet, making you feel that you can actually eat whatever you want, but you decide not to because it's not good for your health.


Diet is not just about weight loss

Stop thinking that only overweight people need a diet and feel sorry for yourself. Today we know that diet has a huge impact on digestion, many health ailments, and the prospect of a long life. No adult can eat two tiramisu a day without consequences.

Think wisely about your ideal weight

Clients often ask me "what is my ideal weight?" and I usually reply "what do you think is your ideal weight?". The ideal weight for me is a weight where I feel good about my body and I don't have to struggle to maintain a stable weight. It's a weight where you can relax and just be yourself.

Use the scale in moderation

By my choice, I never weigh my clients in front of me, but I rather teach them how to use the scale without becoming a slave of the measurement. Weight is just an indicator as are the clothes.

On your weight loss journey, when you see the scale go down, you want to weigh yourself every single day. The opposite happens when you see the scale stubbornly fixed on a number you hate. Losing weight has naturally different phases, often you reach a stable weight after losing a few pounds rapidly. During these plateaux, you might feel demotivated and drop everything. It's just a phase trust the process.



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