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What’s My Blog About?

Welcome to THE SMART BELLY Blog

Enjoy eating healthy by trusting your gut feeling

I have resisted blogging for a decade. The truth is that for me writing is a huge effort, and in general, I have been overwhelmed by the number of blogs and vblogs created about eating, but I think it's time to introduce myself to the world.

Leaving aside my personal battle with reading something written by me, I believe that first I have to introduce myself. If you want to read everything in detail about my personal path and my career you can click here, but if you are interested in a shorter version, let's say that I could easily summarize my knowledge and skills by saying that

they are the perfect union between the scientific academic world and a holistic approach. I navigate the holistic world with a scientific mind and use my academic knowledge with a holistic view.

The reason why I decided to write this blog is a practical one: I am often asked what is my approach? I usually tend to respond very quickly - yes, I love synthesis - and in the end, I feel like I'm always missing something.

So I decided to write about my personal approach to any topic related to nutrition.

The name of my blog "the smart belly" sounded good because it combines the scientific assumption that our belly (more specifically our gastrointestinal tract) is our second brain but it is also the core of our emotions.

It means that you can't fix your digestion without looking at what triggers your emotions.

Future blog posts will focus on the most frequently asked questions I am asked in my practice, but you will also find posts about interesting reads or reviews about a new diet or popular book.

Stay Tuned



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