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Struggling with weight loss for decades? Thinking about food all the time?

Doctor Claudia Gravaghi investigates the underlying causes of health disorders and treats them by matching the right diet plan to each individual. 

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Dr. Claudia Gravaghi
Treating Intuitive weight-loss 

Nutrition advice combined with scientific background can really help you understand what information, facts, and advice to focus and reach your goal.

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A Personalized Nutritional Programme

Dr. Claudia's approach is based on a unique combination of science-based nutritional program with the right mental coaching and support, matching the right nutritional plan to each individual.

The Personalized Nutritional Programme includes a first nutritional consultation and 5 follow-up sessions

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A Personalized Nutritional Programme that investigates the underlying causes of your ailments and treats them with a combination of medications, supplements, and herbs. 

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What's the most effective  and healthy way to lose weight? 
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Hands on support

If you are always hungry and have a busy lifestyle  Then this Programme is for you.

As you embark on this journey of making changes, I offer 24/7 Online Support to my clients  via WhatsApp or email.

Dr Claudia Gravaghi's advice and support have been invaluable. After gaining considerable weight during my pregnancy, I lost all of my weight in a very healthy manner within 6 months and feel myself again. I couldn't have done this without Dr Gravaghi's guidance and expertise. 


C. 31-year-old female

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"We cut through the vast amounts of nutritional information out there to create a unique programme, and achieve the results you are looking for."

Dr. Claudia Gravaghi

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An online Personalized Nutritional Programme

Wherever you are .

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